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To help care for these lovable animals we are always in need of more Foster Carers.

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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch

Horse and Pony Adoptions


General Overview

The Soquilichi Rescue Ranch relies upon adoptions to rehome the multitude of horses and ponies. These adoptions are a very serious and important part of what we do and therefore, great care is taken to ensure the correct home is found for each and every rescued animal in our care. To ensure that the adoption is successful, in the long-term, the volunteers at SRR do everything they can to assist prospective adoptees to, understand just what will be involved in giving these wonderful animals new homes, to ensure these new homes are suitable and that there is suitable chemistry between the person adopting and the animal to be adopted.

Once all the "checks and balances" are taken care of, an adoption contract is signed as a written agreement to love and care for the little-lost soul being given a new home.

Horses and Ponies

We rehome many unwanted horses & ponies and we have also assisted with many rescues.

We also help a lot of people to rehome their horses and ponies by helping to find them a new safe place to live out their lives rather than being shipped off to slaughter.

Should you wish to adopt one of our horses or ponies please click on the button below to be taken to our adoption forms for you to complete.


Some of the Horses & Ponies


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