Donations by Bank Deposit

While we endeavour to make it as easy as possible for generous people like yourself to donate funds, banks in our country are not as helpful. We would love to have one single button for you to clip on and magically take you to a place where you could just add your details and an amount and click "deposit funds" and it would be all done, our banks charge a large amount to their customers for the service.

We haven't given up on one day being able to provide that single button, but for now, we kindly ask that you use the details shown below to either "copy/paste" into you online banking or write them down and retype them in for us.




   Bank Account Name:              Soquilichi Rescue Ranch

   BSB:                                        064 014

   Account Number:                    100 562 15



To Donate with a credit card or through your PayPal Account please click on this link.


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