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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Donations


General Overview

Soquilichi Rescue Ranch is a registered "not for profit" charity and therefore we rely on the generosity of our Community and local business to fund our organisation. Obviously, as in almost every area of life, money is a necessary part of these operations. All money donated, even the smallest amount is a great help and very much appreciated.

We realise that, in the current financial climate, there are many people who would like to support us with a donation but cannot afford to donate money. Some of us even fall into this group. The Soquilichi Rescue Ranch uses a large part of the money donated to buy supplies we require for our day-to-day needs. Some of these items, such as sheets, towels and other linen would be wonderful things to donate as well. We also require other items, such as carry cages, bowls and leads and other things similar to these.

Another donation, which costs nothing but some of your time is to become a volunteer. There are many volunteer duties that we need assistance with. Not all require you to attend the Rescue Ranch. The amount of time you volunteer is totally up to you and every minute is valued by our team.


Donations of Money

Donations of money can be made through several ways. These being, direct bank deposit (EFT) or by use of our PayPal facility. Credit Card donations can be processed through PayPal which ensures the security of your credit card details and keeps the costs to Soquilichi Rescue Ranch down. These cash donations help us pay the ever increasing VET bills. All our Vets do an amazing job at discounted prices but it adds up to huge bills at the end of the week To donate please use the link right beside this to proceed. ↠ 

Another way you can support us is to become a member of our $1 Club. This is where you join our club by making weekly donations of as little as $1 (although larger amounts, like $2 or $5 would also be awesome). Although this is a tiny amount it is an amount almost anyone can afford. With many members of our $1 Club, the amount grows and help us greatly as it is a reliable and regular income for the Soquilichi Rescue Ranch. Please feel free to visit our Facebook pages and become a member if this sounds like something you would like to do. Here is a direct link to our $1 Club. (click here)


Donations of Goods

Donations of goods rather than money is often easier for people to afford. Be it just household items that you no longer require or items you have seen on sale somewhere and have bought just for the purpose of donating to us. Some, but not all of the types of items we require are...

• Flea and Tick Treatment

• Worm Treatment

• Quality Dry Cat Food

• Cat litter (prefer non-clumping)

• Scratching posts

• Kitty cubby houses

• Kitten/Cat Toys

• Travel Crates

• Grooming Vouchers

• New Pet Bowls

• New Collars

• Bedding or Beds in good condition

• Winter Coats/Rugs in good condition

Building Materials and Cages are also high on our priorities at the moment to help accommodate the many animals we rescue before they head off to foster or adoptive homes.


Online Auctions

Getting involved with our "Online Auctions" is also another way you can help support for us. Either by donating goods for us to auction or by grabbing yourself a bargain from our Online Auctions. Click  Here to visit them.

SRR is registered with ACNC charity and is also registered for DGR status.
Please use our contact us page for details on donation drop offs, thank you from all of us and the countless animals we have saved with your support.

To Donate with a credit card or through your PayPal Account please click on this link.


If you would prefer to donate by direct bank deposit, click on this link to grab our details.



SRR is totally run by our Valued Volunteers.

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