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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Foster Care


General Overview

All animals that come to Soquilichi Rescue Ranch are fostered out to dedicated foster carers where they are kept in a safe indoor environment and given ample opportunities to learn how to reintegrate into a family atmosphere. They are loved as if they are owned by that foster carer and many tears are often shed when the goodbyes are said.

Sad tears, as they are all missed and happy tears, knowing that a small soul has been saved and will live a long and happy life. This is a very important part of the Soquilichi Rescue Ranch's operations.



As with everything else Soquilichi Rescue Ranch does, the Fostering process has a "structure" to ensure that the Foster Carer and the fostered animal are both comfortable with the arrangement.

Following this, prospective Foster Carers receive documentation explaining, in more depth, all the information they will need to be fully informed before deciding whether to go ahead and become a "Foster Carer". We ask that this document be kept in a safe place, either electronically or in a printed version for your future reference.


The majority of Soquilichi Rescue Ranch (SRR) animals are pre-vetted before leaving for their foster home, however, if they are not, eg a mum and babies, we wait until they are the appropriate age to be vetted and either the foster carer drives them to one of our approved vets (FUEL IS PAID), or we organise transport and vetting and return your foster pet to your door.


At Soquilichi Rescue Ranch (SRR) we feed the felines boiled chicken and rice a few nights a week and we alternate this with fresh mince and chicken necks, with dried food always on hand. We may use tin food once a week, but this can make their poop less than desirable! We always have fresh water available and use colloidal silver in all of the animals water (We can provide this).

Dietary Supplements

If we ever have any animals that are unwell we use slippery elm, protein and or anything that helps line their stomachs again. (We can also provide this). Sadly many "deathrow" animals have a compromised immune system, courtesy of the pound.

Flea and Worming

We flea our animals monthly and worm every 3 months. As soon as you require these products, please email or Facebook message SRR and these items will be provided to your mailbox.

Pet Profiling

We ask our foster carers to get to know their pet and when they are comfortable, provide a profile for the public to be able to peruse.


We are happy for foster carers to take as many photos as possible and share them freely on Facebook and social media. You would be surprised how many people find their pet simply from seeing a photograph on Facebook.

We also book a professional photographer for your pet and this occurs when you and your pet have a suitable day and time free. The amazing Katrina will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Foster Form

If you would like to help by fostering a pet please click the button below to access the our online foster form.


Downloadable Brochure

Details in more depth can be found in this downloadable PDF brochure along with contact information. To get a copy of this brochure please click on the button below.


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SRR is totally run by our Valued Volunteers.

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