Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Pet Adoption Form


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  • This agreement is entered into by and between Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Inc. described as said person above

    I/We expressly covenant and agree to the following:

    1). I/We have never been charged with cruelty to animals.

    2). I/We agree that our chosen animal will be kept inside the home or in a secure yard or suitable and ethical enclosure and that it will receive all necessary veterinary care and attention necessary to ensure its optimum health and wellbeing.
    This includes the provision of a balanced quality diet, water, exercise (Our standard expectation is that dogs should be walked daily, less than 3 times is not suitable for a dog in suburbia) medical care, including but not limited to heartworm preventative, worming, flea control, tick prevention, vaccinations and regular nail cutting.

    3). I/We agree that our chosen animal will not be physically harmed in any way. The animal will not be chained, roped or tethered. Nor will it be permitted off the property except for when it is with a mature individual.

    4). I/We understand that if the animal is ever unwanted or cannot be provided for that it is 100% welcome back to Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Inc.
    No questions or judgement will be placed upon you. Soquilich Rescue Ranch always welcome any animal back regardless of the situation.
    No animal adopted out via Soquilichi Rescue Ranch is EVER permitted to be surrendered to a pound, new owner etc. If unwanted they must come back to Soquilichi Rescue Ranch immediately. There is no exceptions!

    5). I/we will keep the animal for so long as it shall live and will not transfer the ownership or custody of the animal to any other person other than Soquilichi Rescue Ranch.

    6). I/we agree to comply with all state and local laws and ordinances related to the keeping of an animal, including registration, permits and leash laws.

    7). I/we are aware that RESCUE ANIMALS AND ANY ANIMAL TAKE TIME TO BOND! This does not happen overnight.
    I/we agree to give the animal time, and realise it won’t happen overnight but the animal will eventually feel safe and secure and display their true personality once settled, confident & calm.

    8). I/We are willing to keep in contact with Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Inc to provide updates of the adopted animal (if requested).

    9). I/We have discussed diet ETC with SRR.

    10). I/We are fully aware that our vet (All Animal Vet Nambour) will not desex kittens under 3 months old, due to the risk associated with surgery on smaller deathrow kittens. All adopters pay a FULL PRICE of $199.00 for their kitten & bring the baby back to All Animal Vet at age 3 months for desexing (Your $199.00 covers this).

    11). I/We are fully aware our chosen animal will not be released into our care until the full price has been paid to Soquilichi Rescue Ranch.

    12). I/We are fully aware that we must use our chosen animals name as a reference while paying Soquilichi Rescue Ranch.

    This agreement constitutes the full agreement and understanding of both parties. Wherefore, the above-named Adopter has executed the foregoing contract of adoption at Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Inc.

  • Agreeing to this contract denotes your legal commitment under Australian Law.