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To help care for these lovable animals we are always in need of more Foster Carers.

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Soquilichi Rescue Ranch Volunteers

SRR (Soquilichi Rescue Ranch) operates wholly and solely on the support of its valued volunteers. SRR is managed by a small unpaid staff and a large dedicated group of volunteers. There are NO paid employees!


SRR - General Overview

All daily duties required to operate this wonderful organisation are done by our valued Volunteer Team. These tasks are extremely varied and although there is a very important "core" element to this team that looks after the daily duties at the Rescue Ranch, volunteer duties are not just limited to this crew!


SRR - Varied Volunteer Duties

The successful operations of SRR require a much more varied team than just our "core" group.

These "duties" include, but are not limited to, such things as transportation of these little lives we rescue, collection and drop off of the valued donations given us from our community, working bees to achieve special projects, fundraising with activities such as Sausage Sizzles and Raffles, Organising such things as our "Online Auctions" and "$1 Club".

In a way even just helping us "spread the word" about SRR and what we do and require to do it, is in a way a Volunteer duty as well. Liking our Facebook pages and joining our groups, sharing these pages and groups to you friends, even liking and sharing the multitude of posts we put up on social media showing the little souls that require fostering or adoption. All these things help us with what is required to make a success of what SRR does on a daily basis. All of these things are Volunteer based.

So as you probably can see, Volunteers are the "heart & Soul" of SRR (Soquilichi Rescue Ranch).


SRR - Specific Volunteer Duties

SRR is currently looking for Local Businesses that would be willing to place our donations containers on their counters for us to help out with the "cash" part of the running expenses. With the ever increasing number of animals at risk that comes to the Rescue Ranch, we are always in need of more Foster Carers as well. Foster Caring is an extremely rewarding Volunteer duty where you get to help these desperate animals to reintegrate into a family type environment and you also get to help and watch the health improve too. 


SRR - How to Get Involved

We here at SRR, would love to have you contact us through any of the many contacts. Comment on a Facebook post maybe or join one of our groups. Send us a message through the details on our "Contact Us" page. Bounce us an email or fill in one of the many "contact forms" here on our website. Join the Newsletter Subscription" list by either filling in the "pop up" that will appear or one of the "subscription" forms here on our site.

Or just click on any of the many links you will see on every page placed on both the left and the right sides of our website pages. Any way that suits you is fine by us. Please show your support and get involved.

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If you would prefer to donate by direct bank deposit, click on this link to grab our details.



SRR relies heavily on your kindness.

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